At NHS, we care about our people who give contribution to the growth and success of the company today. We respect the world as how it is and acknowledge that we have a role in society, obligation to the our country and other partner countries. Indeed, our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen underpins everything we do as well as our relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and governments.

Our mission is to develop a high performance, high value products in order to satisfy our customers total needs. 

We are proud to have a safety record in our quarries which effectively helps us retain the best workforce in the industry.

 Continuously working towards improving safety and working conditions in our factories helps us attract new employees while retaining the best talent. NHS will continue to expand our product offerings, leading technology and geographical presence to fullfill our customer’s needs. We will not only provide high-quality equipment, and also provide the most rational process flow, the best device configuration and the most considerate turnkey services for the clients. This is what we can do and what we must do best!

Our vision is to be the quartz fabricator of choice in all markets – from common goods for showroom wholesale to specifized ones for contractors of multi-family and hospitality projects.


NHS have a find hand insight into supply chain strategy : starting from a quality quartz mine, we self-manufacturing the slab at the factory by state-of-the-art machinery, production line creates perfectly crafted products.

We build carefully packaging and delivering chain to customers, bringing customers to our one-step strategy: NHS is a company which have all in one location, that offers a multitude of products or services to its customers .

With NHS, you can find all quartz related products, compared to go to a separate organization for each type of need, a one-step strategy saves partners a lot of time and effort.

Our Employees

Our employees put their all into quartz stone products. That is what separates us from our competitors, our zealous dedication to quartz surfaces and making sure that our partners feel how wonderful our product is..

Our Promises

At NHS, we consider all of our partners as members of one big extended family. We have taken that great belief in community, caring, and togetherness and applied it into our products.


We have been setting the highest standards in service, quality, reliability, safety and cost containment in our industry for over 17 years.